1. Registration Fees
  2. Advance Registration/Cancelation/Changes
  3. Online Registration Screen
  4. Onsite Registration
  5. How to receive a Meeting Badge/Receipt/Meeting Program
  6. Reception
  7. Poster Presentations at the Reception
  8. JNS Membership
  9. Questions about Registration

1. Registration Fees

@ Early Bird
Jan. 8-Apr. 30
May 1-Jun. 25
Registration Reception Registration Reception Registration Reception
Members General JPY 15,000 JPY 3,000 JPY 17,000 JPY 3,000 JPY 19,000 JPY 4,000
Postgraduates JPY 1,000 JPY 1,500 JPY 2,000 JPY 1,500 JPY 3,000 JPY 2,000
Undergraduate Students Presenting authors JPY 1,000 JPY 1,000 *Complete registration before submitting an abstract.
Others *On-site registration only Free JPY 1,000
Nonmembers General JPY 20,000 JPY 3,000 JPY 22,000 JPY 3,000 JPY 24,000 JPY 4,000
Postgraduates JPY 3,000 JPY 1,500 JPY 4,000 JPY 1,500 JPY 5,000 JPY 2,000
Undergraduate Students *On-site registration only Free JPY 1,000

*[Tax category of Registration Fees] Members: Tax-free, Nonmembers: Tax included
*Undergraduate students who are presenting authors must register in advance. Both member and nonmember undergraduate students who are NOT presenting authors can only register onsite.

Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students
Presenting Authors
Undergraduate participants who will present at the meeting will be treated the same as Graduate Students. Undergraduate participants who will present must register online and pay Registration Fees.

Not presenting
Neither online registration nor payment of registration fees is required. Show your valid student ID at the registration desk to receive your Meeting Badge. However, there is a fee to attend the reception, register and pay the banquet fee on site.

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2. Advance Registration

Advance registration will be accepted via online registration system only. Please read the following before registering.

Early Bird Registration

Start:Thursday, January 8
Close:Thursday, April 30 (noon, Japan Time)
*The deadline for Early Bird Registration differs from that of Abstract submission (Friday, February 6)

Late Registration

Start:Friday, May 1
Close:Thursday, June 25 (noon, Japan Time)

Online Registration & Payment
Follow the flow chart below for online registration and payment.


Cancelation or Change of Registration

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3. Online Registration Screen

Click here to register.


Confirm or Modify Your Registration

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4. Onsite Registration

Fill out a Registration Form and submit it to the registration desk. The form will be available near the registration desk. You can also download by clicking one of the buttons below.
Onsite registration fees are payable by cash only.

There may be a long line for onsite registration. We urge you to register online to avoid congestion. You can also take advantage of lower fees through advance registration.

Download Onsite Registration Form



Undergraduate Students

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5. How to Receive a Meeting Badge/Receipt/Meeting Program

If you registered online
You will receive the following in mid-July after you complete payment of registration fees.
  1. Meeting badge (name card)
  2. Receipt for payment
  3. Exchange ticket for Meeting Program
*For participants residing outside of Japan, please pick them up at the registration desk on the meeting site.

If you register onsite
You will receive a meeting badge (name card), receipt for payment, and meeting program when you register.

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6. Reception

There will be a reception to provide a place for researchers working on leading-edge research and junior researchers expected to make future contributions in their fields to gather and interact freely over drinks. Plenary and symposium speakers will also attend, so this will be a chance to converse with leading researchers. We look forward to a good turnout. To enable better preparation, please register in advance if possible.

Date & Time: Wednesday, July 29 (2nd day of the meeting) 18:45–20:45 (tentative)
Venue: Kobe International Exhibition Hall

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7. Poster Presentations at the Reception

Poster Presentations will be given during the reception.
Please visit here for more information.

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8. Applying for Membership

It may take up to a week to issue your membership number. Please apply for membership in advance. If your membership process is not complete by the deadline for advance registration, please proceed via the gNew Memberh section. Make sure that your membership process is complete before the meeting.

Questions about JNS membership
Secretariat: Japan Neuroscience Society
Tel.: +81(0)3-3813-0272 / Fax: +81(0)3-3813-0296

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9. Questions about Registration

Please contact the JNS Secretariat regarding questions about registration.

@@Secretariat: Japan Neuroscience Society
@@Tel: +81(0)3-3813-0307
@@Fax: +81(0)3-3813-0296